Living in a cemetery

I’ve heard it said that private investigators are experts at locating living people, and genealogists are experts at finding the dead ones. And so it is that genealogists and cemeteries seem to be inextricably tied to one another, at least here in North America.

I just read a tragic story about cemeteries, beyond the stories of lost loves and family members. With no other options, evicted families are living in cemetery mausoleums in the Philippines.

Philippines cemetery provides Manila’s poor a place to live among the dead
“Thousands of families have made city graveyard their home as authorities grapple with rising population and housing shortage”

There is also a documentary film called Living with the Dead about the inhabitants of Cementario de Norte that has been in the works since 2009. The filmmakers stated several months ago that it’s still being worked on but I have not seen a release date.

It’s a compelling story. I sincerely hope the film makes it.

Maraming salamat po to Cousin Karen Joy for bringing the newspaper article to my attention.


About Dennis Lohr

A Wisconsin boy now living and working in Pennsylvania, I was blessed to be raised in a German-speaking home to aid in my research.
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